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I'm so excited to announce the launch of my new BLOGSITE! I have combined my blog and my website under one URL: 
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Nathan and Emily Are Engaged: A Sweet Affair

Nathan and Emily are such a SWEET couple! (Ha, ha, see what I did there!?!?!) So shooting their engagement photos at candy and cupcake shops at the Irvine Spectrum was just about perfect! I loved all of the new scenery the Spectrum offered and some of my all time favorite engagement photos are featured below! 

Emily is another one of my high school seniors who is all grown up and getting married! I can't believe how quickly time flies and what a gorgeous, smart, and talented young woman she has become. My heart skips a beat when I think about how happy I am for her and all of the wonderful things her future holds and how thrilled I am that she has found her perfect someone to share that with!

Hugs and kisses to Emily and Nathan! I am so honored to have been able to make these memories with them and I can't wait to be there to create even more on their wedding day!

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Brynna is 8!

While on my Christmas vacation I had the opportunity to visit my sister Tera's family in Colorado and witness her daughter's baptism! And of course this special occasion called for a photo shoot!(Imagine me snapping my fingers and waggling my head back and forth as I say that! HAHAHA!) 

This was my first time shooting in the snow and it was so great! There was so much light and I loved how different everything looked compared to my norm! (I have to give a shout out to Corey Fox for the words of advice that he so graciously bestowed upon me when I asked him for pointers on shooting in the snow! He's an INCREDIBLE wedding photographer located in the Lake Tahoe area and you should check him out!!!) 

Anyway, my niece Brynna was such a trooper! She braved the single digit temps in nothing but her baptism dress, snuggling up in her coat and sipping hot chocolate between shots, and worked it like a pro! She is so beautiful and her little personality just shines through these photos!

I love you, Brynna, and we are all so proud of the young woman you're becoming and for your wonderful decision to be baptized! You're a great example to my kids and such an awesome cousin! XOXOXOXO!

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Baby Vaughn: 3 Days New

Well, yesterday was my birthday and let's just say I "survived" it, lol! So I thought I would cheer myself up and start this morning off with sharing a face that just makes me happy! 

My little sister had her first baby, Vaughn Rowen, on December 18th and my family and I were so blessed to have the opportunity to meet him when he was only 3 days old! Vaughn is a little darling and such a sweet boy! I couldn't wait to get my hands on him for newborn photos! 

Audra collected some super cute outfits/props for Vaughn's debut in front of my camera! I just loved the crocheted turtle outfit. And the zebra hat that our mom made for him is so stinking cute I can't even stand it! We had a lot of fun playing dress up as Vaughn snoozed away..... and of course we had to get their bulldog, Bologna, in on the action, lol!

Audra is a very talented artist and it shows in the gorgeous nursery she designed for her little boy. I loved her color palette and all of the little details, both functional and decorative! The decor appealed to Audra's girly side without being too effeminate for a boy and was sweet and whimsical without being childish.  A perfect little nursery if you ask me!She even made a lot of the decorations herself, from re-purposing the armoire and painting the design herself, to making the footstool and cushion! She is pretty amazing!

I love my new nephew so much and I am so grateful that I was able to meet him and photograph him. I hope those memories will be cherished forever and ever! I know that I definitely will!

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